Therapy for the Military Community

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We honor your service and commitment to our country.

As current or former members of the military, you’ve done and seen things that others haven’t. That’s part of what makes service so meaningful. But sometimes, it also makes it hard to connect with others around you. Maybe you came home from deployment and things just felt different, but you couldn’t quite put a finger on why. Maybe you’ve experienced something extremely difficult or painful. You’re not alone. Eighty-seven percent of veterans have been exposed to potentially traumatic events, and veterans are twice as likely as members of the general public to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. At Thrive in Life Therapy, we understand military service. We’re active duty service members, veterans, and military spouses. We know firsthand the unique stressors of military life. Having someone who gets where you’re coming from matters. A trusted therapist can help you work through your experiences and move towards healing. So can a workout buddy. We’re here to help with all of that.

Our Team