Trauma and PTSD
Therapy in San Diego

We understand that trauma is not just a memory but a lived experience that shapes your perception of the world. Our trauma and PTSD therapy services in San Diego are designed to offer a path to healing and empowerment.

Our Approach to Healing Trauma and PTSD

​​Through a compassionate, client-centered approach, we help you navigate the complexities of trauma, offering support and understanding at each step.

Our approach offers support for those affected by:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Domestic Abuse & Violence
  • Trauma from Betrayal
  • Childhood Neglect & Abuse
  • Medical Emergency Trauma
  • Military Trauma
  • Loss & Grief

Utilizing evidence-based practices such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and mindfulness practices, we aim to facilitate a process of transformation, enabling you to reclaim your narrative and move forward with strength and resilience. Our dedicated therapists are committed to creating a safe space where healing begins with connection and is nurtured by hope.

Our Experience in Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

At our practice, each therapist brings a unique blend of personal insight and professional training to address trauma and PTSD. With over a decade of combined experience, our team is not just trauma-informed but deeply immersed in the latest evidence-based practices.

Meet Our Full Team

What To Expect


Reaching Out

Start by contacting us with your therapy needs, availability, and insurance details. This helps us connect you with the right clinician, streamlining your path to recovery.


Personal Consultation with our Therapists

We'll arrange a consultation with a therapist tailored to your needs, allowing you to understand their approach and how they can support your healing journey.


Informed Consents

Before starting, you'll review and complete informed consents to ensure you're fully informed about the therapy process.


Scheduling Your Sessions

We'll coordinate with you to schedule sessions that fit into your life, making therapy both accessible and convenient.


Beginning Your Therapy

Your first session will involve an intake assessment to discuss your goals and plan your treatment. This foundational step is key to a personalized therapy experience.

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Trauma may have shaped part of your past, but it doesn't have to define your future. Let us help you find the strength within to rewrite your narrative, one session at a time. Together, we'll work towards not just surviving but thriving.

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