Therapy for Our
Military Community

Our specialized therapy services provide a supportive environment to address the complexities of military life - whether it's navigating marriage dynamics, coping with deployment-related stress, or adjusting to life after service.

Our Experience

Alex and Laura, our co-founders, bring a wealth of experience to our practice, both as therapists and members of the military community. Alex is a dedicated military spouse, while Laura combines her expertise as a therapist with her experience as a Coast Guard veteran and military spouse. Our team also includes Beth, a therapist who is both a Marine Corps veteran and spouse, and Duashae, who enriches our practice as a military spouse. Together, their diverse backgrounds provide a deep understanding and genuine empathy for the challenges faced by military families.

Having lived the military life, Alex and Laura bring a wealth of personal experience to their therapeutic practice. Their firsthand knowledge of military culture, the stress of deployments, and the nuances of military family dynamics provides a solid foundation for the empathetic and effective therapy we offer. 

Military & Veteran Counseling Services

  • Military Marriage Couseling: Strengthening the bonds of military marriages through targeted strategies and understanding.
  • Couples Counseling: Tailored support for military couples facing the pressures of service life.
  • Individual Therapy: Personalized therapy focusing on the specific needs of active-duty members and veterans.
  • Family & Spouse Support: Offering a guiding hand to families and spouses for resilience and wellbeing.

Comprehensive Support

At Thrive In Life Therapy, we recognize the silent battles our military families face every day. Beyond the call of duty lies the resilience and strength of each family member, navigating the complexities of military life. Our dedicated services are designed to address not just the visible challenges, but also the unseen hurdles that come with military commitments.

Building Stronger Foundations

Our goal is to empower military families with the tools and insights needed to build strong, supportive relationships. Through understanding, patience, and tailored therapeutic strategies, we aim to enhance the foundation of every military household, ensuring that each member thrives.

Why Choose Us?


Specialized Care

Therapy tailored to the specific challenges faced by military families.


Confidential and Supportive

A safe space to explore personal and relational issues.


Flexible Scheduling

Understanding the unpredictable nature of military life, we offer flexible scheduling.


Community and Connection

Become part of a supportive community understanding the military way of life.

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If you or a loved one are navigating military life’s challenges, we're here to offer support and guidance.

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