Therapist Intern • Master of Social Work Graduate Student; USC

Jody Johnston is a dedicated and compassionate social work intern with a passion for supporting individuals facing a diverse range of mental health challenges. Specializing in depression, anxiety, life transitions, the LGBTQ+ community, aging, caregiving, active-duty military, and veterans, Jody is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for clients from various walks of life.

Currently pursuing a Master's in Social Work, Jody brings a fresh perspective and a strong foundation in social work principles to their practice. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, Jody is gaining valuable hands-on experience in providing empathetic and client-centered care.

Jody's focus includes offering counseling for depression and anxiety, using evidence-based therapeutic techniques to empower clients in managing and overcoming these common mental health concerns. Their empathetic and non-judgmental approach fosters a sense of trust, allowing clients to express themselves freely and work towards their mental health goals.

In the realm of life transitions, Jody assists clients in navigating changes such as career shifts, relationship adjustments, and major life events. They understand the inherent stress and uncertainty that can accompany these transitions and guide individuals towards resilience and adaptability.

As a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Jody provides affirming and inclusive counseling to individuals exploring their identities or addressing unique challenges associated with sexual orientation and gender expression. Their practice embraces diversity, and Jody actively supports clients in their journey towards self-acceptance and self-discovery.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by active-duty military personnel and veterans, Jody extends their expertise to provide tailored support. They understand the impact of military service on mental health and are dedicated to assisting individuals in navigating the complexities of military life, deployment, and the transition to civilian life.

Jody also recognizes the complex issues surrounding aging and caregiving, extending their expertise to individuals and families navigating the aging process and providing care for elderly loved ones. They assist clients in finding balance, coping with the emotional demands of caregiving, and addressing the unique mental health needs that may arise during this phase of life.

Committed to continuous learning and professional growth, Jody stays informed about the latest research and therapeutic approaches to ensure they provide high-quality, culturally competent care to their clients. With a warm and collaborative style, combined with a genuine passion for social work, Jody Johnston is a valuable ally in the journey towards mental and emotional well-being for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including active-duty military personnel and veterans.

Specialties: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Substance use/Alcoholism, Neglect, Abandonment, Combat Trauma, Military Families, Military Sexual Assault, (MST), Racial/Social Injustice, Incarceration, Work/Life Balance, Healthy Boundaries, Life Transitions, Stress Management, LGBTQIA+ Populations, Divorce, Relationship/Family Issues, Grief and Loss, Chronic Illness, Self-Esteem, Confidence, College Students, Aging, Older Adults, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and Caregivers.

Approaches: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-informed care, Mindfulness, Trauma processing, Somatic approaches, Attachment Theory, Strengths-based approach, Motivational Interviewing, and Problem-Solving Therapy.

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