How Does Physical Fitness Help?

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As human beings, we evolved to move. Physical movement has consistently been shown to promote mental well-being. When we exercise, our bodies are flooded with endorphins—the “happy” hormone. Physical movement creates new neural pathways. Even just going for a walk literally changes our brains for the better. Working out decreases stress, improves mood and memory, and helps us sleep better.

Focusing on physical movement also offers a respite from ‘living in your head.’ When you’re focused on your body, you don’t have the space or time to ruminate. Moreover, understanding your physical boundaries as you work out can help you understand and establish appropriate emotional boundaries. You’ll also build resiliency. 

And finally, working out is fun! Some of us know that already—and some of us might need a gentle reminder. But when you have the right workout partner, and the right approach to what sort of exercise works best for you, you’ll remember why our bodies and brains are so primed to reap benefits from exercise. 

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